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13 Traits of a Focused Person

Focus in terms of definition, seems simple but many people find it a very difficult concept to achieve or practise. You can accomplish a few things in this world without a large degree of focus.

What makes it difficult for humans to maintain focus for a while or a long time? Humans find it difficult to maintain a focus for a while or a long time because there are many distractions and activities that cause us to lose focus. By spending more time in nature, not only helps to regenerate your system but has many important lessons to teach us all. For example, an eagle can combine focus and force that leads it to capture its prey successfully. Lions barely use 20% of their energy to get 80% of their meals.

Why is focus or becoming a focused person challenging? It is important to talk about traits of a focused person and associated benefits. It is no longer a secret that having focus has led to many ingenious and innovative products being created to benefit individual or collective minds. Here are the 13 traits of a focused person:

1. They do not participate in small talk. You will not engage them in pretentious, small talk and unnecessary social hook-ups. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

2. They do one thing at a time. I have a friend that claimed that they could multi-task but when he is involved in other things, he kept repeating himself because his attention was divided in many directions. The focused person always strives to do the difficult thing first from their list of priorities. As a result, they are highly productive.

3. They do not postpone decision or action. They hardly procrastinate, what needs to be done today, they do not postpone it until tomorrow.

4. They have a mature emotional regulation. When people give feedback or distract them from the work which is at hand.

5. They do not take things personally. They manage their mind, rather than let their mind manage them.

6. They keep a small and able group of people. A small group of trusted friends and family and as a result, they do not seek validations.

7. They avoid toxic people or environment. As they would drain their resources or life.

8. They live in the moment and are realistic. The past has no hold on their life and future does not exist either. They are in touch with their body, mind and soul.

9. They are very diligent. They are not impulsive when making decisions.

10. They are not involved in other people’s business. If it does not involve them, they will respect your privacy.

11. They are realistic optimists. They avoid illusion or escapism to run away from reality.

12. They have strong boundaries. These are with themselves and others.

13. They know when to end a project or relationship without being overly sentimental about


It takes lot of focus to keep going when tough times arrive. They do not quit if it is a worthwhile goal to pursue or complete.

Many extraordinary people who have remarkable traits, which they have developed or acquired through either nurture or nature. Meanwhile, being focused is a very difficult and challenging habit to have and develop. Part of being focused is to live consciously, to be aware what is taking place around you with regards to your body, feelings and mind. Meditation is known to be a powerful tool to raise awareness of this, but it is not for everyone. Discipline yourself to commit yourself to one thing at a time, more practise of this will increase your ability to focus.


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